Branding and naming

We go beyond the design of a simple name and logo, we design the emotions and expectations that your company evokes

Creating a brand is much more than choosing a name or creating a logo

It is all about expressing the company spirit and establishing an emotional connection with your clients. When we meet a startup or a company that needs to define its position in the market our main task is to visually represent the intangible of the company, by enhancing its uniqueness and values above all. We express the promise the company does to its clients through all the touchpoints, from the logo to printed graphics, from color palettes to the voice of tone.

Branding and naming

Our Branding workflow

1 Brand SWOT: to define strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your market
2 Sector analysis and positioning: the qualitative analysis of competitors from your market and good examples from other markets
3 Naming: 5-10 options of potential names that we found out to be distinctive with the concept behind them
4 Logo design: 3-5 proposals of logo with different look and feel and color tones
5 Brand guide design: a book that will contain all the details on how to use your new brand

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Branding and naming highlihgts

We help you to understand how exactly your product could be improved to make a real difference for the users:

Define a unique visual identity and positioning for your company
Get a versatile and declinable logo for now and future company's extensions
Get a 10 page Brand guide book to guarantee your brand's consistency through years
Get an active role by being constantly involved in the process
Get a unique Branding:
Define a unique positioning
Express your company's spirit
Get a brand Guideline book

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