Flutter web and mobile applications development

Google's toolkit lets you develop with the maximum flexibility and speed.

Flutter is the Google toolkit that allows you to create native applications for Android and iOS mobile devices, web and desktop using a single code base, making the development process more fluid and effective.

If you are looking for an option to quickly develop applications for iOS and Android with great value for money, Flutter is definitely an option to consider.

Its flexibility and responsiveness is making it one of the most used frameworks by companies all over the world: among the major companies that use flutter we find Google, Alibaba, Square and Ebay.

Flutter web and mobile applications development

One of our projects created in Flutter is the Gluto app for celiacs, reviewed by the official Flutter website and listed on our portfolio.

The main benefits of using Flutter are:

Faster development thanks to a rich set of fully customizable widgets
Detailed customization thanks to Flutter's layered architecture
Incredibly fast loading performance
Native performance thanks to widgets that embed the critical differences between the Android and iOS operating systems
Incredible care of the end user experience

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