glueglue insights ™

With this report we offer an overview of the status of your website considering both the technical point of view and the user experience

We believe that the collaboration should not end with the go-live of the site but must continue over time to guarantee your product is always performing, accessible and optimized according to the latest standards.

glueglue insights ™

Creating dynamic custom reports.
Examples of analyzed values:

1. Performance: loading speed and image optimization.
2. Use of heatmaps to improve usability
3. A / B test for specific pages or contents
4. Overview and SEO analysis
5. Site visitors trend
6. Where does your organic traffic come from?
7. Cross-browser Testing per mobile e desktop

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Do you want specific metrics? Does the site seem slow? Do you have a few accesses? Do you want more newsletter subscriptions? Let’s talk together, find out why and the best solution. We’ve been helping companies like yours for years, to make the most of their potential.

glueglue insight ™

We help you understand exactly what’s happening on your site and how it could be improved to really make a difference for users:

Improve the quality of web pages
Understand your customers and how they interact
Have a periodic check on the activities of your website
Starting at €90 / month
We will deliver:
Dynamic Report based on your needs
Analysis of strengths and weaknesses
Advisory in-depth periodical

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