User experience & user interface design

We always strive to design digital products that are beautiful and usable. We believe in functional aesthetics and design with a clear goal in mind: satisfy both users' needs and client's goals.

This service usually comes right after the wireframing phase, in which we define the product functionalities and features. When designing, we always get inspirations from the latest trends and state of the art of the market in order to create user interfaces that leave a mark. For us It is always about finding the right aesthetic & functional balance, to design digital products that are not just good looking, but that always keep the user at the center and improve their lives.

User experience & user interface design

Our UI design workflow

1 Briefing: to explore the client’s goals and vision for the project.
2 Research: we have a closer look at different markets and import new design patterns and frameworks to make the real difference.
3 Wireframing: to define the features and functionalities of your digital product
4 Design: to create beautiful and usable digital products
5 Prototype: to share an interactive mockup and gather all the useful feedbacks
6 Test: to always keep track of possible improvemnts from both a UX and SEO perspective

You can find more information about our working process in our blog.

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We are always up to date using the most innovative softwares as Sketch, Zeplin and Invision.
Our design process consists in deploying daily updates of the designs so that we are always in sync with our clients, that are always invited to leave comments during the whole process. This is the way we can reach effective results together and work for a common goal.

UI design phase highlights

Get different proposals at the beginning of the project and fine tune the right one
Stay always in sync with us thanks to the most disruptive collaborative design softwares
Define your own visual language and style thanks to our visionary design team
Get advantage of the most famous design frameworks such as Material Design and Bootstrap
What you'll get:
Collaborative design process
Fully interactive prototypes
3 person design team

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