SEO Audit

Our SEO report is an affordable and fast way to radically improve your website's ranking on search engines.

We will help you to put your site on the right track and create a competitive product that meets your business goals and expands your organic market reach. We will assess the current state of your product and see what’s hampering your business success.

SEO Audit

SEO audit improve your website or app in 7 specific areas:

1. Market analysis
2. Technical aspect
3. Html optimization
4. Content optimization
5. Usability
6. Inbound link
7. Google penalties

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Every area has between 2-30 questions to which will reply by assigning a score. The inspection will generate a total score for every area and a general one for your product expressed in percentage to define a quality score and a priority list.

"The glueglue Seo Audit report is a valuable tool for analyzing the positioning of my site in real time and to help me understand what strategies to adopt for the future."

Daniele Franzini
CEO & Marketing Director

SEO Audit Benefits

We help you to understand exactly how your product could be improved to really make a difference for the users:

Fasten natural organic growth
Content quality check
Improve speed loading
Keywords ranking
Starting at €800
We will deliver:
10 pages Seo report
List and of task to improve indexing
2 h in-depth advice

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