What is a UX Review?

Our UX review is an expert analysis of your website or app performed by 3 UX designers professionals.

Based on an internationally recognized method invented by the NN group that is proven to find most of all the usability problems of a digital interface, our UX Review helps to improve effectively the User Experience of your digital product.

What is a UX Review?

Improve your website or app in 9 specific areas with a UX review:

1. Is the homepage clear and intuitive?
2. Are user tasks clear and easy to complete?
3. How are the menu and whole website structured?
4. Are Input fields clear and easy to use?
5. Does the website inspire trust and credibility?
6. Is the content quality good?
7. Are layout and design pleasant?
8. Is Searching and finding easy?
9. Prevent the errors and help users.

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Each area has between 20 to 50 questions to which every designer from our team will reply by assigning a score. The inspection will generate a total score for each separate section and a general percentage score for your product. The report will cover all the tasks needed to be performed within all the 9 categories to improve the interface’s usability. Some of the recommendations may include rearranging the hierarchy of your main menu or assuring (visually or textually) the user knows once the product he ordered is added to the cart.

“glueglue’s UX review helped us understanding the weakness of our e-commerce and focusing on real improvements thanks to a clear report and task list.”

Caterina Maestro
CEO & Founder - DressYouCan

UX review benefits

We help you to understand how exactly your product could be improved to make a real difference for the users:

Decrease your bounce rates
Improve task orientation
Strengthen your brand's equity and credibility
Fix issues with a personalized and prioritized task list
What you'll get with a full report:
A detailed 60 page document
40-60 tasks to improve usability
180 min in depth advice

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