6 things to master in the New Year

We’ve interviewed quite a few scintillating personalities this year, and we have asked them one question in common: What kind of advice would you give to a 20-year-old self? See how they responded and kick-start the New Year with these inspiring resolutions, no matter how old you are.


December is the perfect month for rundowns, especially the ones which can teach you something new. We have decided to make one ourselves with the tips we heard from successful people during our interviews. They all come from different industries and have various academic and professional backgrounds, so everyone had his own unique idea of what should be important in life. Master these 6 things and enjoy 2018!

What kind of advice would you give to a 20-year-old self?

1. Roberto Pellegrini, the VP of IoI Innovation and Marketing at ADB Global

“In fact, my advice to a 20-years old may apply to anyone of us, of any age: we are living in an exciting era where internet technologies have democratized knowledge and have lowered many of the barriers that once stood between our creativity and the tools to make them real.

These tools are now easily accessible and often free and enable any individual to unleash creativity to build innovative applications and services.

Young people in their twenties have the advantage of an age of maximum energy, enthusiasm, and hopes, so they should really feel empowered in a way their parents were not: from them, we expect the new WhatsApps, Ubers, and Airbnbs of the next decade!”

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2. Lara Dotta, the owner of LaCLassica cycling sportswear

“Always believe yourself and your passions, and be extremely curious.”

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3. Francesca Lanzavecchia, designer and co-founder of Lanzavecchia+Wai

“Trust your gut feeling more.”

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4. Michele Magnani, Freelance SEO expert

“The Internet is a great tool. It’s a powerful tool. Use it well.”

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5. Piero Babudro, Storyteller, blogger, author of Segnalezero

“You don’t have an infinite amount of time, so don’t waste it with people or situations who don’t deserve you.”

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6. Matteo Toto, food visionary, owner of Flower Burger

“Enjoy your life fully, find a purpose, and pursue this goal with great determination. You have to fight to be a dreamer!”

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With these pearls of wisdom at hand, master your New Year with a kick of positive energy and satisfaction. And don’t forget to ask yourself: what kind advice would YOU give to a 20-year-old self?

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