9 questions to our stellar UX Designer

SUMMARY:  We are pleased to introduce you our new UX designer with this interview where she explains her passions and vision about User Experience Design

Coming all the way from Abruzzo, Federica has recently joined the glueglue forces as new UX designer! Navigating between the world of art and design, she combines pixels with crafts. If she could go anywhere in the globe tomorrow, she would take a flight to Patagonia to live by wild nature and see the South Pole Penguins.


Give us an overview of how you got into UX Design.

I am from the art history field, actually, but I’ve always wanted to do something more practical and tangible, so I discovered graphic design and fell in love with UI design first and then UX.

What is the most important thing the working environment has taught you that you wouldn’t learn at school?

Dealing with people. Knowing the human being. Behind every project, there are real people who have needs to be understood and who may not always be easy to connect with. I think the real rules of communication can be only learned only through the real working experience.

What is your design principle?

At the risk of being not so original, simplicity is what drives me, it’s my personal state of mind. Good design happens when there is a purpose, a strong vision that can be materialized in the clearest and simplest way. You can’t solve problems with messy and overloaded solutions. Also, I feel like a superhero who fights with ugliness every day.

I feel like a superhero who fights with ugliness every day.
Federica Corneli

What are you really into outside work?

I’m an expansive person and a loner at the same time, so I often need to do some meditative stuff like yoga or just reading on the beach (and binge-watching, of course). Hanging out with friends and having a beer still remains as one of the most mind-clearing activity, though. Oh, and I really love dancing, too.

Do you think there will be more female UX designers in the years to come?

I think and hope so. Women are still under-represented within UX and tech industry, especially in Italy. Without devaluing a great job of male designers, the female mindset is obviously different in many ways and I think that the women’s approach to solving problems is a great strength and a precious resource. I’m sure we are going to prove our worth in the immediate future.

In UX Design form follows function or form equals function?

In social psychology, there is this concept called “halo effect” which can be transposed in design according to which people assume that good-looking product is perceived as more valuable. Although the primary function of design is providing good functionality and usability, I think that form and function are equals, both of them contributing to the perception of a product, either a good or bad one.


Two crucial UX Designer skills?

Empathy and endless curiosity

What do you do to get inspired?

I’m simply a tireless observer. The best inspiration comes from visual triggers, from your screen as well as nature and anything that surrounds you. Sometimes I also leverage my art studies. Adding the music to the mix, that really helps too.

Why do people confuse UX with UI?

Some people even think websites are some weird mumbo-jumbo code+design stuff, and I think it’s difficult for outsiders to understand the subtle line between the two fields which often overlap. Moreover, when you talk about design, the majority thinks about the visual and graphics side and hardly about usability or interactions. As a matter of fact, we have contributed to this confusion by often handling both specialties in our job.


Federica Corneli UI / UX designer in love with art and beautiful things. The strong supporter of freedom and naps, crazy about the sea, cats, unusual trips, and neon colors


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