glueglue named a Top User Experience Agency

User experience and interface are some of the most important terms standard internet users have probably never heard of. That might sound like a problem, but because some of the best UX/UI is purposely clandestine, in reality the lack of notoriety is preferable. Indeed, it could even be said that the less notice UX/UI receives the greater its success.

Quiet, out-of-sight, and hopefully unnoticed entirely… how is someone supposed to judge the merits of such as service? The ratings and review firm, Clutch, became a the top company in its category by shining a light on such shadows. Based in Washington, DC, Clutch amalgamates client testimony, case studies, and objective quantitative information to establish a consistent baseline for quality and content across the world. The firm makes transactions more transparent and efficient by linking the top services across the world with motivated buyers.

In recent times, Clutch ranked glueglue one of the top user experience (UX) agencies in their Western Europe press release. As part of Clutch’s in-depth algorithm for success, our clients had a major say in our ranking. Of course, we have some of the best clients out there, so we were
confident in their celebratory responses to Clutch analysts.

Alessandro Molina, COO and Founder of beSharp, praised glueglue extensively. “Their straightforward approach and responsiveness impressed us—whether it was for creating a complex digital project or communicating with the company.”

The head of startups at a fashion technology accelerator, Marco Filocamo, was impressed with
glueglue. “We were able to work efficiently through remote and in-person meetings. They handled
the work well and respected the initial timeline. I appreciate their empathic approach and ability to
understand the bigger picture from both design and business perspectives.”

Clutch’s sister site also recognized glueglue. Based in Washington, DC, as well, The Manifest an
easily-digested and highly-readable online magazine that sports B2B news and information in a
more casual manner.

glueglue was founded in 2007 in Pavia, a city in Northern Italy. We believe in the bigger picture, but never forget the essence of any project: human-centered creativity, dedication, and understanding. Our portfolio spans borders and sectors, granting us an incomparably diverse set of work experiences, and allowing us to take on nearly any project. From branding, analytics, and SEO, to the many other services we offer, we are confident in our ability to deliver for our clients. Now with Clutch and The Manifest, we can only better understand our clients and further-develop our abilities.

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