Make, People, Soul – How was our 2017?

We decided to start a blog over a year ago right before our 10th birthday. Our first post aimed to introduce glueglue™ founders and each of them revealed their own expectation for the year to come. Has 2017 fulfilled all of them?

As 2017 is slowly reaching its deadline, let’s use it as an excuse for a bit of sentimentality and reflect on the past 12 months.



Matteo – MAKE

Uplifting to say “We made it”! There was a lot of making involved this year. We’ve created numerous projects that involve such initiatives like greenanblue or Pixelsniffer as well as UX&UI designs of Startup Architettura, Sfrecciando, LaClassica or Alfredo Beretta.

During heated discussions and meetings with clients, we made points, observations, suggestions, and plans. We’ve also made countless comments on Zeplin, Dropbox or Slack working on new ideas and designs.

We need to admit making mistakes too, but that also made us grow and learn.
Overall, we made a huge progress and always strove to make a difference! 😉


Fabian – PEOPLE

Who would’ve thought, but 2017 has also met that expectation! We got a new team member all the way from Poland.  Seeing our logo on her way to the university class, she decided to spontaneously contact us! Agata’s fresh mind and enthusiasm is a valuable asset to our team. Besides, we gotta speak more English now 🙂

Besides, It is a huge pleasure to watch the ongoing success of people with whom we collaborated. FlowerBurger, the first Italian vegan restaurant is expanding all over Italy and we’re really proud to see it growing.

By the same token, Miccone – the provider of Pavia’s unique specialty – has launched a new ambitious project to spread delicious Miccone sandwiches in London!

We also shared our knowledge and experience with sharp and innovative minds during the e-commerce lab organized by FTA and GrowITup empowering communities. The energy and synergy were unforgettable!


Antonia – SOUL

Even though we continuously aspire to progress and evolve, we always remember about putting a soul in everything we do. A lot of novelties have appeared this year but we remained loyal to our essence.

We’ve redefined our claim (Go Digital, Stay Human), came up with a special glueglue statement and stationery and launched our new website! We’ve also redesigned our studio interior (yeah the glass wall, we can’t stop talking about). As a matter of fact, while writing this rundown, our new swivel chairs have just arrived! Anyway, we didn’t get any spoilt and try to do our best every day keeping in mind glueglue’s set of values!



How was our 2017?

As much we’re happy to say all of these expectations came true, we need to admit that believing in the process was equally important. As reiterations, rounds of feedback and prototype cycles define our work, without a strong process we wouldn’t be where we are. Knowing that we roll up our sleeves and create a new list of expectations for 2018.

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