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As you probably remember, 2017 is very special for us – it’s a year of our 10th birthday! For this reason, along with the redesign of our brand identity (you can have a look at it here), we’ve designed a totally new and playful stationery. We got 3D-like business cards, classy folders, and – frosting on the cake – personalized sketchbooks.

Stationery glueglue

Good stuff, good stuff

Some time ago we would hear from our clients and friends:  ‘You look too serious from the outside’. That statement got us thinking, so we took a step back and decided to introduce some freshness and playfulness to our brand. Now it feels like this new visual identity perfectly reflects our inside.

All the materials are available in three glueglue’s corporate colors: black, red and blue since they highlight our personality. As a result, they never get boring since we can create a lot of different combinations! The white logo and address were hot foil stamped on opaque Fedrigoni Sirio paper which adds an eye-catching contrast and sounds just as cool as it looks like.

Enjoy the effect of our work below 😃

Business Cards. Can’t get our eyes off them

Two-colored and two-sided, these biglietti da visita create a natural yet surreal gradient. That feature is our main visual characteristic symbolizing glueglue’s vitality and open-mindedness. Printed on 2×290 gsm paper, the cards are almost entirely immune to folding, crumpling or bending which is a real superpower.

If you want to have a closer look, feel free to visit us in our studio in Pavia!

glueglue stationery

glueglue stationery

Folders. Show me what you got

We don’t know why, but every document stored in these folders seems just more interesting and important. Vivid red and blue make them stand out from the crowd of regular files, hence you have no trouble locating them in your office or home. The black version, on the other hand, looks elegant and classy.

Made with custom die cutter and then folded with love in our studio, these goodies nonstop remind us that B2B should be fun!

playful stationery

Sketchbooks. The inside and the outside

Who doesn’t agree that pen and paper are the best tools of a designer? Personally, we love starting our creative process from manual sketching! As a matter of fact, we decided to design our own cartabianca™ sketch notebooks and bind them with singer sewing technique.

The dots are the golden mean between entirely blank pages and the square pattern, accordingly perfect for wireframing, drafting or… lazy doodling 😃 We never part with these cool gadgets and fill them daily with new ideas!

Stationery glueglue cartabianca for your ideas

Stationery glueglue sketchbook

Stationery glueglue sketchbook


What do you think? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to share it and send us any feedback, comments or suggestions. If you’d like to get one of our notebooks or folders, let us know 😃 With a lot of interest, we can think of some ways to make it available for you!


Stationery glueglue

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