Summer at glueglue: changes and positive vibes

35 Celsius degrees, 80% of humidity, and a perspective of meeting a bunch of bloodthirsty mosquitos on our way back home. Long story short, we had some fun these last months.

Okay, we must admit it wasn’t that bad: we got the new interior, new projects and had some new adventures which gave us the power to create some digital magic!

industry insight glueglue

That wall

One of the biggest changes of the year was installing a giant glass wall that’s now dividing our coworking and meeting space. As soon as it arrived, everyone wanted to test “that other side” and have a business call like a boss. This isn’t its only advantage, though. It also serves us as a great sketching tool. When we start our wireframing process, we grab our markers and jump right into it to draw our first ideas.

That work

Summer was the time of setting up some new collaborations! Our designers created a new website for LaClassica, the fashionable manufacturer of hand-made Italian cycle wear.

la classica website


And for Water Alliance, which is the initiative of major water suppliers in Lombardy to facilitate the access to water and promote it as a public good.


water alliance website


Another interesting project we have recently started is the SEO strategy for possibly the first informational website in Italy specializing in windows and doors, Serrastore.


industry insight serrastore
The reason why we love these works is that they cover private and public sectors in multiple industries!


We also took some time off to recharge but didn’t forget to bring you a souvenir! Let’s keep it a secret for now but once we’re ready, we’ll send it directly to your mailbox 😃

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