Video communication lessons from the woods

DISCLAIMER: The statistics contained in this article dates back to the 5th February.

Every day more and more of our customers are asking for effective video communication. Finding out what kind of communication works better or which one has a winning style is not easy.

Video communication lessons from the woods

If you look at these Youtube statistics you can find an account that is very different from the others. Scrolling through you will find lots of music and gaming channels, but there is one who stands out for its simplicity, clearness, and results: the Youtube channel Primitive Technology.

“the main power of his videomaking is in the editing”

This guy uses videomaking to record his hobby, where he creates things in the wild completely from scratch using no modern tools or materials.

You might ask yourself how his content made more than 200 millions of views on Youtube with only 23 videos, for an average of 6,3 million each and more than 3.273.858 subscribers, all of this filming himself while doing his hobby almost without any budget.

Fulfilling the boyhood dreams

A follower says: “Primitive Technology is one of the best channels on YouTube. This guy has a great talent for making documentaries. There are no words, but the videos are super easy to follow and to like.”

He is basically performing experiments in the woods. Fulfilling the boyhood dreams becomes a reality. There are a lot of survivalist skills to learn from the videos in this channel. It’s a good source of entertainment for countless hours and it is possible to copy his experiments without spending any money.

“It’s probably possible for us, but if we would have done the same actions like he is doing in the videos, it would look less interesting. The main power of his videography is in the editing of the perfect sequence of actions” says Sam Thompson on the discussion page.

 Back communication to the roots

Nowadays all the youngsters dream about being millionaires and making easy money, with trends like #richkids on Instagram, hundreds of startups arising every month claiming to “make the world a better place”.

Looking at examples like Primitive Technology makes me think about how more effective it is to create a simple communication through a clear, linear and direct production. He ignored all trends, and believing in his capabilities, he does his thing – alone, in the woods!


The numbers of this project


the words that he says


 the people who work on this project: just himself


the hours of published video content


the millions of subscribers


like $4,521 as the money raised on from 1831 users


as the 539th Youtube channel rank in the world


the questions on his FAQ page where he says he wants it to become this his full-time job


as the estimated revenue per day on Youtube € 70 –  € 1.100  → read more


the hundreds of people average on his site web per month


the survival techniques he teaches


at least hundreds of thousands of comments for each video


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