The story behind our new identity

This year glueglue™ will turn ten,  and for this special occasion we decided to redefine our identity, we saw it as the natural next step in a multi-year effort to evolve our brand.

What’s new?



glueglue-logo-black new identity

Our new logotype is set in a custom, geometric typeface. First of all we’ve cleaned up the logo, made it curved by using the circle as a main geometric shape and generally brought it forward so it renders better at small size across mobile and desktop platforms and for maximum legibility.

Gradient as a main color of the new identity

glueglue-color-gradient new identity

We decided not to choose a specific color to better reflect our soul: as a consultancy agency we believe that our value is to continuously evolve and adapt ourselves to our clients’ needs. We change our skin as a chameleon does! This vibrant and energetic colorways express our vitality and open-mindedness.



Tone / Typography

glueglue font new identity

“We love statements as a way to express our vision.”


Cooper-Hewitt is perfect for us because it has a straight horizontal and vertical stroke endings. We chose this font for the ease of reading both on the web and paper.

The website identity

website gg


The big change is our new website, where you will find a bunch of new contents.

Our portfolio  has been redesigned from the ground up! Now it’s simpler and more intuitive. We introduced a new way of navigation through the projects, thanks the case studies explained with photos and short descriptions.

Now, we have a dedicated page for our ventures. On that page you’ll find all the startup companies with whom we have built something, or with whom we have established a collaborative synergy.

Email sign

glueglue-logo gif new identity


glueglue identity is playful!
Starting with the new logo we decided to upgrade also our signature email, by creating an animated GIF of the logo itself.



We hope you enjoy the new site as much as we do. Please feel free to share it and send us any feedback, comments or suggestions. We’d love to hear what you think!

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