glueglue travels: best UX we had on vacation

UX travel: User Experience is such a broad term that can refer to a lot of different things at once. Whether it’s checking in at the airport, asking the stewardess for some water, getting a taxi/uber or eating out, sooner or later it all comes down to UX.

So when we left the studio in August and readied hastily for summer vacation, we couldn’t help but pick and analyze for you the best UX we had. We chose and described one unforgettable thing from our travels and here’s little compilation that came out of it. Enjoy the reading!

Fabian UX travel

This summer we were in the mountainside at the bar sipping our morning coffee even if it was almost lunchtime. The waiter came by our table and gave us the “menu of the day”. Written by hand, there were just 4 different things you could order.

UX travel glueglue

I started to think about how this would simplify things on many levels:

– the menu is always up to date since it’s written by hand every day

– costumers would order almost immediately (no need to go through a long list)

– a kitchen could be managed more easily and the food could be served faster

– maybe there could even be fewer people in the kitchen as opposed to a having a big team with a broad menu

Best UX often comes from a collaborative effort of constantly updating a product or service. A limited choice could be perceived as a lack of variety, that’s why many restaurants include a lot of dishes in their menu trying to sell more. I think the opposite is the case! The human brain is not able to process more than a certain amount of information at the same time. Limiting the choice also means specializing in something and being known for the one or two things you do well.

We decided to have a plate of pasta and were not disappointed, it was simple and nicely done!

Matt UX travel – Searching for the badly-drawn azulejos

On the way to Lisbon, our taxi driver was chatting with me and my wife about the splendorof his city.

‘Everything sadly changed with the earthquake that hit the city in 1755…’ he said, ‘When almost everything was destroyed. The king quickly rebuilt everything, people were in such a hurry that even children were hired to draw the well-known azulejo tiles, which practically cover almost every building in Lisbon.’

UX travel glueglue

The white and blue azulejos are an amazing expression of the Portuguese culture, something that is deep-rooted into their history. It is a visual and intricate language that beautifully adorn the country, giving a romantic and passionate feeling for the people that visit it. I really believe that this kind of interventions establishes a special connection with a place. They are not just tiles, they seamlessly design a whole experience of sensations.

So, coming back to those children who were hired by the king… of course, they were not artists, and it seems they drew the ugliest azulejos you can find around. My wife and I didn’t manage to find any of them, so if you go to Lisbon, keep your eyes open 😉

Agata UX travel

I’ve been traveling a lot this summer but quite unexpectedly, the best UX moment happened to me when I was passing by my home city of Wrocław.

At that time I hadn’t eaten out in Poland for half a year, and to my delight the service was excellent. Right from the moment we entered, we were directed to the table by a smiling waitress. While ordering we were informed that due to some minor problems with gas we would have to wait 10 minutes longer to get our food. The fact that they valued our time and let us know in advance with honesty was something I really appreciated. It may seem like a minor thing, but, as they, say, the devil is in the details.

UX travel glueglue

After some time, I received my soup, but we had to wait for a little bit more for other dishes. Then surprisingly, the waitress brought us an extra appetizer apologizing for the delay and just a few minutes after brought another additional snack assuring the food was on its way. We were already stuffed when we got the rest of our order. The empathy and making the client feel cared for are precisely what makes the best UX. I’ll definitely be a regular guest there.


We hope you liked it! If you want to share your best travel UX, leave a comment or reach out to us on Social Media!

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