Zeplin: from email to collaborative prototyping

Email subject: RE:RE:RE

I am sure you know this kind of email, where it is impossible to find what you are looking for, right?

Too many people in CC, no one knows who people are talking to, some don’t know if they should answer, the others don’t want to disturb, just a big, big mess.

Imagine such chaotic communicating multiple times a day. Unfortunately, it may happen very often especially if you work on a website design layout. Apart from emailing with the client to define all the details of the project, you need to be in constant touch with a web developer. This is exactly where things get complicated: how can you pass all the information to the developer without losing too much time with the creation of a “specification document”? 


Normally this document should contain things such as colors, stroke styles, a selection of images and symbols in different dimensions, font families, sizes, notes and much more. Overall, the information is packed and delivered in a somewhat confusing and not easy-to-understand way.

When we tried to focus on our design process, preparing and explaining these documents was very demanding and time-consuming.

Introducing collaborative prototyping

After years of the emailing madness, we discovered Zeplin, a software we now use with our clients and developers while working on the layouts of our web design projects!

This collaborative prototyping tool allows you to put markers at any part of the page (like pdf notes) where you and your web designer or developer can interact with each other. The main features are:

  • Sharing different information like color codes, border styles or other css snippets
  • Exporting images directly from this interface
  • Instant notifications about the design changes


You can also connect your Zeplin project to a Slack channel and everyone in the team will be notified whenever a design or a resource is updated! 

Here at glueglue this collaborative prototyping tool makes our life easier and saves us a lot of time!

It’s one of those tools that once you start using, you ask yourself how you could ever have lived without it 😉

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