The evolution for the restaurant industry


Who is the company

MenuNFC offers its customers the possibility to create multi-language digital menus with allergens, orders and payments. A great team of expert IT experts takes care of the maintenance and customization of the platform.


What we did for them

A “brand new” brand: we have carried out a complete redesign of the brand to obtain a more contemporary and simplified version of the logo. The addition of the slogan was made to underline the fact that the menus can be read in any language, the brand’s main value proposition. Step by step we have accompanied the internal MenuNFC team in defining services and pricing and then defining the layout of the new website. We have therefore revised the structure of the pages of the corporate website, with the aim of redefining the main funnel and optimizing conversions in registered users. After sharing an interactive InVision prototype, we moved on to the design phase of the user interface, with the creation of two prototypes in mobile and desktop versions.


What we like about this job

To communicate the true immediacy of the service, the communication made at the point of sale was redefined to make it clear to local customers how (and especially why) to use MenuNFC. A sticker allows you to activate the menu simply by approaching the smartphone.