Automated backup for your Cloud infrastructure


Bringing order into the chaos of cloud backup solutions

Noovolari is a brand new product from beSharp, a company specializing in cloud computing consultancies. Noovolari aims to bring order into the chaos of cloud backup solutions on the market, making it easy to use also for non-technical professionals.

Noovolari dashboard design

What we did for them

The big challenge of this project was to design a compelling user experience for a very technical product. We chose to take advantage of the material design framework to conceive a solid bedrock. We dived into a deep wireframing session that brought us to the development of an interactive Invision prototype which helped to discuss the most delicate patterns with the client. After a couple of iterations, we started the user interface design phase inspired by the completely redesigned Noovolari brand that we’re also taking care of. We took inspiration from the original Italian racing driver of the 1950s, Tazio Nuvolari.


What we loved about this project

The challenge to bring an innovative and unusual approach in a typical B2B environment was for sure one of the main highlights. We really enjoyed the close collaboration with the client thanks to the digital design software like Sketch and Zeplin.