The digital platform for whisky events


Who is the company

Whiskydo is a start-up into the whisky and beverage sector, a digital platform for all the whisky enthusiast offering and looking for experiences dealing with the whisky world.


What we did for them

We were involved since the beginning, working first on the naming, to evoke a world of whisky related activities, and then with the whole brand design.
We designed the User Experience of the platform with the goal of creating a world whisky encyclopedia and offering a simplified on and off site booking experience. The main focus was on a clear and well organized whisky event page template, trying to create a standard format that simplifies reading the information for the whisky enthusiast.


What we like about this job

We really love niche projects because you have the opportunity to deal with a passionated and skilled audience bringing innovation thanks to the digital. With Whiskydo we focused bringing freshness and a contemporary touch in a very traditional and static world.