Get to know our client

Apical is an Italian startup in the travel tech industry. Through a dedicated Saas platform, Apical offers the best tools to grow business ideas connected to travels, events and culture. In a nutshell, Apical is the perfect solution for Experience and Travel Creators, helping them create successful products.


What they needed

The client essentially asked us to design the UX and UI for the travel experience provided by Apical SaaS platform. We therefore focused on the user interface (UI) and the dashboard and back-end areas. In the meantime, we designed the front-end interface for all users.

Subsequently, we developed the client’s preliminary use cases moving towards specific directions. In practical terms, we handled three main macro tasks:

  1. Streamlining and improving the previous user flows;
  2. Designing a flawless user experience to make complex operations easier;
  3. Creating a fresh user interface enhancing different products and information.

What we did

In the first place, we carefully analyzed all the flows on a shared board. Then, we studied how to simplify and improve the interactions connected to the overall travel experience provided by Apical platform. In particular, we pinpointed three strategic areas.

1. The onboarding wizard

The onboarding wizard welcomes the Travel Creators to the platform. During this process, they learn more about the platform and figure out how to make the best of it. Actually, the wizard aims to enable users to smoothly set up the product. In fact, the platform is totally tailored to each creator’s needs. In this way, leveraging few and specific questions, Apical can accurately profile all those users interested in trying the product for free.


2. Management Dashboard

The admin panel is the core of Apical. As a matter of fact, inside the dashboard, Travel Creators can create the best travel experiences in just a few simple steps. For example, they can create dynamic packages of products such as accomodation and tours, easily customizable by users. For this purpose, our UX team created a prototype made of 150+ screens. Our effort aimed to give the client a comprehensive overview of this special SaaS platform. Thus, we designed, among other things, the marketing dashboard, the calendar, the sections for products, orders and promotions.


3. UX and UI for the best travel experience

As for the front-end of the shop targeted to end users, we designed a flexible template with the goal of hosting different products. Apical, indeed, allows users to purchase a number of experiences such as hotel stays, Yoga retreats, custom dynamic packages. Plus, speaking of booking flows, we went for a mobile-first approach for the best user experience on any device.