Get to know our client

BeYou is a people experience platform, focused on enhancing and analyzing employee engagement. Specifically speaking, BeYou leverages the data owned by organizations and provides managers and HR professionals with detailed analytics about performances, behaviours and relationships. On this basis, BeYou fosters employees’ personal and professional growth through engagement activities.


What they needed

For starters, the heart of the project was a sophisticated and easy-to-use platform which could recreate the exact role hierarchies of big companies and corporations. Accordingly, we devoted special attention in designing specific engagement-oriented methods of interaction.

An ecosystem of 4 apps for BeYou

As a result, we were involved in creating a system composed of four different apps: two mobile apps (iOS/ Android) and a web-app for employees, a web app for managers and HR.


What we did

Ultimately, we handled both the design process and the development of the entire platform. In the first place, we took care of user flows. Then, we moved on to wireframes and UI design.

User Experience for employee engagement

Since the platform is composed of different apps, we designed different UX versions in order to make each digital experience perfect. Therefore, the sustained cooperation with the in-house team was key to reaching the goal. In so doing, we quickly managed to create a solid prototype. Subsequently, Glueglue’s dev team took care of the system development, using particular tools such as Symfony and Flutter.


A custom white-label platform for HR and managers

As a matter of fact, each organization has its own challenges and needs. Hence, we strategically designed all the customization options of the platform. So, the B2B client can use BeYou like a very special workplace, since it can be easily customized. In fact, besides choosing a primary colour and uploading a logo, organizations can activate specific modules. Every change involves an update to the entire system with the goal of ensuring a great user experience.


The next steps

With the aim of laying the groundwork for future development, the UI components have been integrated into a Design System that we created specifically for BeYou.

Glueglue™ has chosen to invest in BeYou, joining the partners. The new partnership intends to take the product to the next level.