Who is the company

Boolean is a new online platform to become a web developer from scratch. Students can follow online classrooms in real time and also get one to one advice from experienced developers for a fast and effective training program.

Why Boolean needed a new branding

Boolean does not only allow students to get key skills with the best teachers. Alongside the educational stuff, Boolean supports students with specific mentorship. In fact, their ultimate mission is to help smart students land a job in the tech world as full stack web developers. For this reason, they totally needed a new fresh and professional identity.


What we did for them

We first reviewed their existing logo, that didn’t express the company values and mission anymore. We focused on creating a more contemporary and fresh sign, starting from the typical ’01’ Boolean language code. The result was a custom font logotype characterized with an acid green paired to a more institutional blue. The new branding definitely represents the bold and geek identity of the project while adding a professional flavour.


New branding for Boolean Careers

As a second step, we reviewed the website’s entire structure with the goal of redefining the main subscription funnel and optimize conversions. After a round of reviews with the Boolean team we then started to design the user interface of the new website with 2 different InVision prototypes for desktop and mobile. 


What we love about this job

As you may know, we love startups here at glueglue. That’s why we really enjoyed collaborating with the guys from Boolean. Innovating and improving people’s life with their brand new service has  been both a challenge and a privilege. Getting a phone call from the Boolean team informing us that conversions were improved a lot by the redesign, really made us proud of the whole project.