Get to know our client

Pante Madrid is a new Italian restaurant concept inspired by the Pantelleria’s architecture and local cuisine. Alessandro Luchetti, Daniel Cabezas and Antonio Facco are Pante’s founders: they share the idea to offer Spanish people an extraordinary culinary experience at an affordable price.



What we did for them

First of all, we focused on the corporate identity designed by Antonio Facco, designer and brand director of the company. During this stage, we did our best to adapt and enhance it for the digital world.  Then, we designed the website keeping in mind one particular goal. As a matter of fact, we prioritized giving users the opportunity to experience the restaurant and book a reservation as smoothly as possible.

Digital branding for a special Italian restaurant

Based on our analysis, we found that a glamorous touch could be incredibly effective. So, we created a unique website, rich with original photographs. In this way, we gave users the opportunity to enjoy a kind of immersive digital experience. Furthermore, we did SEO to boost Pante’s website rankings. Meanwhile, our dev team worked on the integration with third-party systems. As a result, we delivered a classy, business oriented while truly appealing, digital product.


What we like about this project

Even if we have some good experience in the Food and Beverage industry, we realize that every project is a world of its own. And it’s always a new challenge. In this respect, analyzing our clients’ business goals is very stimulanting. By using our expertise, we’re able to shape those goals into digital seamless customer experiences. In this case, collaborating with Pante has certainly been a memorable agency / client relation.