About the company

Dreamin101 is the new brand of a company specialized in natural goose down manufacturing. An e-commerce that aims to sell really high quality, made in Italy, duvets.


What we have done for them

Before redesigning the whole flow of users and the e-commerce interface we had written a UX review in order to highlight the key factors and the weak spots of the website.
According to our review, it wasn’t possible, for the potential customers, to understand the great benefits that Dreamin101 could offer to them. For this reason, we tried to focus on the messages we wanted to spread.
At a later time, we created some InVision interactive prototypes, starting from a version with functional lots only. In this phase, we reasoned in a way that prompted us to modify the strategy behind the product, to better meet the needs of the public and to optimize the changes. Finally, we worked on the designing of a new graphic that could give a new face to a growing new brand.


What we do like about this job

Following a new brand that is trying to make its way in a market not fully explored yet, although growing quickly, such as the online market, it is always an interesting challenge. If it is a young team we are talking about, with a taste for experimenting, our curiosity couldn’t be more aroused. Seeing with our own very eyes the scouring system, understanding the craftsmanship and the know-how behind it, being part of a working team that involves people outside the company, has been an interesting occasion to compare the different working methodologies and to learn.