Get to know our client

Dreamin101 is the new brand of an Italian company specialized in natural goose down manufacturing. They asked us a new e-commerce dedicated to really high quality, made in Italy, duvets. Their production chain has no intermediate steps so as to offer the best quality at an extremely competitive price.


What we did

Before redesigning the whole user flow and the eCommerce UI, we conducted a UX review in order to highlight the key factors and the weak spots of the existing website. According to our review, it wasn’t possible, for the potential customers, to understand the great benefits that Dreamin101 could offer to them. For this reason, we focused on honing the right messages.

From InVision prototypes to the new eCommerce

Without delay, we created a number of InVision interactive prototypes, starting from a version with functional slots only. Meanwhile, our evaluations prompted the client to adjust the product strategy to better meet the users’ needs. Also, we helped them optimize the conversion rate. By and large, our work involved both creating the graphics and building the ecommerce website.




What we love about this project

Working for a new brand entering a fast-growing market is always an amazing challenge. If it is a young and ambitious team we are talking about, willing to experiment new stuff, our curiosity couldn’t be more aroused. In particular, we had the chance to see with our own very eyes how the guys worked. So, we could fully understand the craftsmanship and the know-how behind Dreamin101. Furthermore, being part of an extended team of motivated professionals allowed us to compare the different working methodologies. As a result, we definitely had the opportunity to expand our knowledge and skills.