Reshape the idea of fashion

DressYouCan is a company in Milan, Italy, that allows people to rent clothes, shoes and accessories. Through a showroom situated near the Columns of San Lorenzo, in the town center, it’s contributing to the definition of a strongly rising trend in the international fashion scene.


What we did for them

We first focused on a UX review and an SEO Audit for what concerned their existing website, which highlighted weaknesses regarding the average time of permanence, users’ bounce rate and conversions into purchases.

According to our review, 3 major areas showed weak points: task orientation, search and the area related to feedbacks and errors.

After sharing the result of our reports, we got started with the wireframing phase, which lasted about two weeks.

We stepped up our efforts to redefine the e-commerce structure and simplify as much as possible the approach to a new service in Italy, in order to:

– successfully convey the value of the service;

– allow users focus without distractions on choosing and renting the clothes themselves.


A physical + digital experience

In the process of redesigning the entire ecommerce, we studied also the customers’ behavior in the physical store.

Our analysis showed that the first question was almost every time related to the occasion in which the piece of clothing could be used. This is why we replicated this kind of experience on the website.

In order to do that, we created an app that allows users to select the options of the most appropriate piece of clothing for their needs, in 3 easy steps.

The design phase then consisted in the production of 2 interactive InVision prototypes, both in mobile and web version. The prototypes  helped the developers implement the design experience.

Concurrently, we also revisited all the physical supports such as shoppers, packaging, printed material and promo cards.


What we liked about this job

Innovation is always an attractive challenge. Taking part with DressYouCan into the transformation of the way people think about fashion has surely been the most exciting thing about the entire project.