An international network, one big goal

Fashion Technology Accelerator (FTA) is a management consulting firm, providing business advice to startups and young enterprises. Specifically speaking, they operate at the intersection of fashion and technology industries. It is noteworthy that they invest 100.000€ in few selected companies every year in exchange of equity. In actual fact, FTA is an international hub, fostering digital and technology innovation in Fashion, Luxury and Retail.

FTA mobile

What we did for them

Essentially, FTA hired us to handle the complete desktop and mobile redesign of their website. First off, our work started immediately with our professional review of the existing website. Hence, our assessment enabled us to prioritize 3 key areas. Accordingly, we focused our efforts on their services, portfolio and team section. Since we always give a great importance to accessibility, we laid the groundwork for a really great UX design.

Creating the best UX for desktop and mobile versions

Ultimately, we were very happy with the result. On top of everything, improving the overall accessibility allowed us to create a super user-friendly website. In particular, as to the desktop version, we tackled an interesting challenge, namely making the content more usable and findable. So, while figuring out how to optimize the extensive amount of content, we came up with some cool ideas. For example, we decided to keep all the major Call to Actions above the fold. As a matter of fact, optimizing calls to action was key to dramatically increasing conversion rates on the new website.


What we love about this project

In a nutshell, the new website is definitely fast-loading and at the same time, SEO friendly. Plus, if it’s true that it is visually appealing on the one hand, it’s also incredibly effective on the other, basically leveraging informative content. This makes for a fulfilling user experience.

Most of all, we truly loved designing an original template, meeting the client’s needs, and developing exclusive front-end and back-end features. Our client can now rely on a high-quality website, with excellent UX.

Desktop layouts FTA