Natural homemade happiness

flower burger is a start-up that caters to a growing market, that of healthful and vegan food.
the idea is to change the way in which healthy food is often perceived as boring and unappetizing. the framework was tailored to a franchising structure, based on careful market research.


What we did for them

for a company such as ours, which works in branding, it was a privilege to get onboard at the initial stages of the project.
In the meetings with the proprietors and the architect, we clarified the owner’s initial inspiration to help shape the original vision, that is, “to showcase the vegetables”. we thus channeled the liberal 70s era, infusing the project with flamboyant hippie-style colors: the product naming, the marketing claims, the website and the corporate identity, and lastly the video, which commemorates the opening.


What we love about this project

the most interesting aspect of this project was introducing innovation to a relatively standardized sector. thanks to our participation, we were able to convey the essence at the heart of this project. when synergy develops between us and our customers, the outcomes are exceptional and, if the goal of our work is the pursuit of happiness, with flower burger we succeeded. love, peace & flower burger!