Who is the company

A food-franchising start-up, aimed at a fast-growing market: healthy food and veganism, interpreted in the “gourmet sandwich” version. From a careful market analysis to the business plan, the brand went viral on social media and in the real world. The mood? Fun, tasty and colorful.


What we did for them

After creating a strong brand in the physical store a few years ago, we moved to the second phase of the project.

The redesign of the digital identity needed to be done in order to create centralized tool that would allow to manage more and more shops. The website was create to effectively promote new burgers, side dishes and desserts, and event to let users do online purchases for delivery.

In addition to the website, we also dealt with the creation of a series of transactional communications via email and the creation of the quarterly DEM. Various SEO / SEM activities have completed a strategic plan that will accompany the company during an international growth in the coming years.


What we like about this job

It was a fun and new challenge to highlight the quality of Flower Burger products. Selecting hundreds of images of ingredients was a way to better explain to users how the burgers, side dishes and desserts produced by the company are made.

The user response was strong because page views grew to 200% after a few months.