The white label personal cloud

Their product consists of a synchronization software, distributed according to a B2B2C model that is rebranded and redistributed by Funambol’s own clients. For over three years, we have been managing all aspects of the interface design, and the user experience, for the white-label OneMediaHub product, for iOS, Android and the web.

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What we did for them

Our role is to develop the interface alongside the growth of the white-label product’s functionality. We also manage the branding of Funambol’s corporate clientele who are mainly international cellular network carriers, such as Orange, O2 and Movistar, and for whom we redesign the apps from time to time, based on the end user’s needs.

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What we love about this project

The most interesting challenge has been designing the interface and the user experience while considering the customers’ many needs, the white-label approach, actually. Collaborating with an international team has been very energizing, and a source of personal enrichment and professional growth for us all.