Who is the company

Miccone is a fast food store offering different dishes that are all based on the main ingredient. Indeed, “Miccone” is a traditional bread, locally produced nearby Pavia. Entrepreneur Giuseppe Dabbene surrounded by his young team have had a big success with their first store, and decided to open a second one in the lombard metropole of Milan.


What we did for them

Starting from the experience of the first store we introduced a more contemporary and simplified communication. The idea is to change the way in which traditional food is presented and introduced to a younger audience. A big graffiti-like wall with phrases in the local dialect, a big neon-sign with the logo recalling “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo and other elements where used to achieve this goal.


What we like about this job

A good mix of more technical and marketing related issues like menu-optimization, and more esthetic-related requirements really made pushed us to do our best. Looking at the happy faces of the first costumers entering the finished store and really appreciating /understanding the message was a great experience and something we are proud of for sure!