The project

Gluto is a mobile app that makes it super easy for users to search for and review gluten-free restaurants and shops. Currently available on the App Store and Google Play Store.


What we did

This project was born almost by chance, starting from glueglue team member Federica Corneli practical need. We designed every part of the process, from the concept to the brand design, from the app development to the golive on the App Store and Google Play store. Following the agile approach, we were able to deliver everything -from the idea to the live product – in less than one month sprint.

Create a mobile app from scratch

During the branding phase, we analyzed the market in order to find an easy-to-remember and friendly name. We focused our effort to define a unique playful identity, something that would leave a mark. The mobile app’s user experience aims to make super easy for users to look for shops that offer gluten free products. And there’s more: Gluto mobile app leverages a specific score based on people’s sentiment, including proprietary and third party feedbacks, for every shop.

A special algorithm for our community

Third-party reviews and user reviews make up a good part of Gluto algorithm. However, the app prioritises those reviews mentioning the magic keyword: “gluten-free”. In fact, Glutoscore is our original algorithm which gives greater importance to all reviews containing terms like “gluten” or “celiac disease”.


What we love about this project

We love startups and we love testing new approaches, methodologies and technologies like Google Flutter. In doing so, we manage to constantly grow as professionals and persons at the same time. It’s amazing to see our product evolving while getting users’ enthusiastic feedbacks!