Who is the company

My Formula is a start-up that offers natural and personalized hair care products.


What we did for them

We met the founder of the company, Giacomo Bettazzi, at the very beginning of the project. As he introduced us his idea, we were immediately thrilled about its potential.

Creating a cool brand identity

We kicked off the project with a new brand identity design with the goal of defining a brand with a fresh and scientific touch at the same time. Therefore, an unconventional identity characterized by vivid colors, handmade illustrations and bright colorful photos is what we came out with to express the company purpose.


Brand identity & original design

From packaging to illustration design, from desktop to mobile website we refined every pixel of the project to define a unique ‘my formula’ experience. As a matter of fact, we really wanted to bring innovation into a quite traditional sector. So, after 3 months spent working on design, test and development, we were ready to launch the version 0.1 of the e-commerce website. 


How to create an ecommerce for a new haircare brand

The big challenge in terms of UX design was defining a wizard that was easy enough to go through and accurate. As a result of our work, users are enabled to comfortably complete the product’s customization process.




What we love about this project

Starting a project from scratch is what we truly love. Actually, it is the best way to express ourselves while creating experiences with the bigger picture in mind.  As a consequence, we managed the whole process keeping an eye on every detail of the project. My Formula is the perfect example of working agile with a wide team of professionals. We leveraged every meeting and every opportunity for discussion to move faster towards our objective. In so doing, we were able to get results in a very short amount of time.