Who is the company

NITIDO is a new optics store that offers its own line of sunglasses and prescription glasses. Nitido combines scientific knowledge with an essential and minimalist design. Starting from the decennial experience of the family, its founders provide a wide range of glasses, together with a top-level optometric service.


What we did for them

We participated in the project from the beginning, dealing at first with the “naming” aspect of the whole branding project. Starting from a design research, in order to define the sector’s state-of-the-art, and talking with the founders of the project we have identified the strengths of this company, launched by Alessandro and Eleonora Fatigati. The family experience in the sector and the technical specialization have been identified as core values.


After defining about 10 naming proposals presented during a busy day here in the studio, NITIDO was chosen as the best name: an adjective that defines something shining, which stands out for its transparency. A clear and essential word also from a graphic and formal point of view. We like to think of this project as a sharp vision that materializes, defining itself clearly in the eyes of the world thanks to a unique positioning in quality-wise and experience-wise.


Brand Identity at its finest

Following the naming, we have managed the creation of the logo’s guidelines, both in terms of color and use of the fonts, designing a language that could best express the essence of the brand.

Shaping a new branding

We have then created all the promotional material, both on paper and digitally. We also took care of the graphic layout of the physical store, from the sign to the graphics applied on the walls.


What we like about this job

Here at glueglue we are particularly excited when it comes to shaping a new idea. Particularly regarding the NITIDO branding project, we immediately connected with the founders, understanding their dreams and their goals. Crossing the doorstep of the store and being surprised by the final result has been the greatest satisfaction.