Who is the company

Pante Madrid is a new italian food concept inspired by the Pantelleria island. The main goal of the company is to offer an extraordinary culinary experience at an affordable price.


What we did for them

We first focused on the corporate identity designed by Antonio Facco, designer and brand director of the company, to be adapted and enhanced for the digital world.
We designed the website with the main goal of giving the user the sense of experiencing the restaurant and its ambience while always keeping an eye on its business goals. We analyzed and structured all the components in terms of Search Engine Optimization and integration with booking tools. The final product wants to be sleek and sexy but business oriented at the same time.


What we like about this project

We designed many projects in the food sector but each of them is unique, the amazing thing is to use our expertise to understand the goals of the company and shape them into digital seamless experiences. Collaborating with Pante has certainly been a memorable agency / client relation.