Get to know our client

Oro di Spello is a new biological beauty brand that offers natural cosmetics with a unique formula based on the famous city of Spello natural olive oil.


What we did for them

The company involved us and our partner VanguardHub in a global growth plan focusing on the digital’s brand presence. We first delivered a UX analysis of the website with a roadmap, describing every suggested improvement in detail: from the website redesign to the company’s new styleguide. For starters, we took charge of the complete redesign of the e-commerce, aiming to improve the usability of the website and simplify the selling process. Afterwards, we handled every detail of the e-commerce maintenance, content production and delivery by helping the brand’s marketing team day by day.


What we love about this project

The ecommerce world is impressively interesting because you can measure almost everything with accuracy. You can easily see if you’re doing a great work or if you should make dedicated evaluations and consider testing new options. Specifically, growth hacking strategies helped us get sales growth. Also, we built a dedicated team of professionals in charge of different areas.

Cosmetics and skincare will rule the ecommerce space

The beauty industry cares a lot about customer experience. As a matter of fact, beauty brands masterfully leverage the ecommerce space. The reason why the ecommerce solutions are so successful is that they can guarantee high conversion rates. Most importantly, boosting sales is more than a desired goal. It is actually the result of a mix of professional skills and branding factors. So, we can definitely say that working in the beauty field can be quite a challenge. But as demanding as it was, it ended up being incredibly stimulating and rewarding.