Style as a distinctive statement

Smeg has been an icon of the international design in the field of household appliances for over 70 years. We had the pleasure to take care of the overall User Experience and the User Interface design of the SmegConnect mobile applications, the new range of cellars, ovens and smart dishwashers that mark the entry of the Italian company into the world of the Internet of Things.

Smeg connect iPhone oven
Smeg connect iPhone dishwasher
Smeg connect iPhone winecooler

What we did for them

During the very first meeting with the Smeg marketing team and the product team of ADB global, specializing in IOT projects management, and leveraging the ioCentro system, we defined the goal of the project. Then, we analyzed the features of each product from the Smeg Connect collection. In order to figure out where to focus our efforts, we pinpointed the most relevant use cases. Subsequently, we undertook an intense phase of wireframe design, which saw the production of over 100 layouts.

Smeg Connect iPad Oven programs

250+ layouts

After defining the key functional areas, we focused on the interface design phase. The aim was to create 3 proposals with a different look and feel that would emphasize the style and functionality of Smeg products enriched with new smart features. During the design phase of the user interface, we created over 250 layouts within mobile and tablet versions. Sharing an interactive InVision prototype with ADB developers gave them the opportunity to understand in detail the interactions needed to build the global User Experience of the product.

smeg connect recipes

What we love about this project

The satisfaction of contributing to the entry of one of the international icons of Italian design into the fascinating field of the Internet of Things has undoubtedly been an exciting challenge both from a professional and human point of view. Collaborating with Smeg’s brilliant marketing team and with ADB’s international group of developers and technicians has been a stimulating source of inspiration and growth.