Life and soul of the space

Startup Architettura is a studio specializing in building and interior design, urban design and retail contract. A strong minimalist style distinguishes all their work as the common thread of their intrinsic recognizability.




What we did for them

The company contacted us because they felt the need to communicate their new essence, which had greatly evolved since the launch of the brand about five years earlier. The original logo was in place, but they did not feel it belonged to them in the way it used to and the corporate website was no exception.


We started to analyze the context and interviewed the company to get to know better their reality, their beliefs and their goals in terms of both business and professional evolution. What was derived from the study was a profound redesign of the brand’s guidelines, defining an extreme minimalist sign which aims to involve the viewer to complete the work.

A thorough redesign of the website with a mobile-first approach has also allowed the studio to present their portfolio to an international audience.


What we love about this project

Collaborating with a studio which itself creates designs, even though of a different kind, is never an easy task. Nevertheless, the power of minds inclined to imagine not yet existing compositions has proved to be incalculable, leading us to a synergic work on the redefinition of the brand’s solid bedrock for the future.