The white label cloud-based software for the world’s leading mobile providers

Funambol offers a complete cloud-based solution which is distributed according to a B2B2C model. Specifically, this white label solution is rebranded and redistributed by Funambol’s own clients. As a matter of fact, we’ve been working together for a number of years, handling all aspects of the UI design process. Plus, we’ve been working on the user experience of their white label product OneMediaHub for iOS, Android and the web. Thus, we managed to bring steady improvements which definitely helped to enhance the product’s quality.

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What we did for them

We’ve been tasked to developing the interface along with the new features. Broadly speaking, we cooperate in order to foster the growth of the white label solution. And on top of that, we also handle the branding of Funambol’s corporate clients. Mostly, these companies are international mobile providers such as Orange, O2 e Movistar. Bearing in mind the customer’s needs, we change the app’s design on a case-by-case basis. Consequently, the end result always meets the customer’s expectations and requirements.


What we love about this project

We loved the entire challenge. Most importantly, we managed to take the customers’ many needs into account while designing the UI and the user experience. As you might know, this is the typical white label approach and also, the most exciting part of working on such a product.

It’s not all about UI & UX design

In this regard, collaborating with an international team was key to making Funambol a successful solution. Actually, Funambol addresses international customers which, from the very beginning, challenged us with a number of super specific needs. So, achieving all the goals was not only a source of pride but also an enabler for our professional growth.