Cycling and Fashion Made in Italy

LaClassica is an Italian company proudly founded by Lara Dotta. The company puts together the passion for cycling and fashion with a brand pursuing the highest standards of the Made in Italy philosophy. LaClassica’s collections use only the best fabrics and materials with the aim of conveying the true essence of the Italian style.


What we did for them

We did a thorough UX review of the ecommerce website, in order to identify potential usability problems. Actually, the ecommerce website suffered from low conversion rates. For this reason, we organized a sophisticated session of screen recordings paired with an expert review with a team of 5 UX designers. In so doing, we managed to find out the most important areas that needed to be improved.

What a good UX Review can do for an eCommerce

While performing the UX Review, we gradually came up with a detailed task list. Subsequently, we produced all the wireframes of the new website providing both the mobile and desktop versions. Only at this point, we started designing the new UI and UX of LaClassica ecommerce. The UX Review was key to pinpointing the most impactful areas to enhance. Plus, it helped us truly increase the overall conversion rate of the ecommerce website.


What we love about this project

The opportunity to create a custom e-commerce website for an Italian company which makes craftsmanship and innovation its core values has undoubtedly been the most stimulating experience.

We always love helping companies to enhance their brand and their amazing products online. An effective UX design plays a particularly important role in boosting conversion rates. As a matter of fact, when clients want to optimize their existing website, a professional UX review can make a huge difference because it provides designers with a clear UX roadmap.