Get to know our client

UGO is an Italian startup offering care services to the elderly and the disabled. Specifically, UGO only employs qualified caregivers and operators. As a matter of fact, UGO operators are able to fully meet the needs of the elderly and carry out any task successfully.


What they needed

The client gave us the task of improving the user experience of the service and doing an effective redesign of both the landing page and the private area for B2B (operators) and B2C (customers) users. In particular, they required us to make the handling of bookings super clear and user-friendly.

The documentation about user flows and new features, created by the client’s  dev and marketing team, enabled us to start out with some really good groundwork.

We then focused on three main steps:

👉 Analysis and visual research to make the best design choices. A special checklist came out of that, helping us to achieve two goals: creating a successful digital product for the elderly and exploring new opportunities.

👉 Structural and functional design of UGO web app, leveraging the Mobile First approach for the benefit of B2B and B2C users.

👉 UI redesign with a close attention to usability for the elderly (B2C).  Providing a great usability is always beneficial, but in this case it determines the real success of the app.


What we did

At first, we analyzed and optimized the user flows provided by client. Then, we worked on two flows: the quote request and the account registration for B2C users.

 Wireframing of the quote request flow for UGO app

Given the specific nature of  UGO, we designed an agile flow to help users immediately understand the service and provide them with a quote in real time before booking.

In order to achieve these two strategic goals, we divided the flow into a number of steps. In this way, we managed to spare users an excessive cognitive load.

In fact, users can get the information they need by following only 3 simple steps. Typically, the cost transparency is a key factor to speeding up the trust building process and therefore, boosting the lead-to-customer conversion rate.


2 flows for the account registration and login for B2B and B2C users

The account registration of the B2C users takes place in a very easy way in the process of requesting the quote. Likewise, the subsequent login process is quick and simple.

On the other hand, we created a dedicated onboarding flow for those B2B users interested in working as caregivers for UGO. Those users are asked to provide some specific information. This flow actually represents the first step of the screening process.


Prototyping UGO app for the mobile and web versions

Due to the high percentage of users using mobile devices, we created UGO’s mobile prototype in the first place. According to the latest data, 46 million Italians are connected to the Internet. Of these, 65.5% get access to the Internet via either mobile devices or their home wifi.

Plus, we tested the app with real users, before proceeding with the implementation phase. In so doing, we could make improvements in a timely manner and ultimately create an amazing user experience.

Finally, we built a Design System to give our client the opportunity to easily manage the next stages of the platform’s development.