Get to know our client

VoiSmart is an Italian company that specializes in cloud-based solutions in the field of Unified Communications and Collaboration. On top of that, VoiSmart has built over time a significant portfolio of clients. For instance, some clients are TIM, Fastweb, Unicef, along with other big telco players.


What they needed

  1. Redesign of a white-label web video conferencing app;
  2. Excellent UI Design;
  3. Enjoyable and reliable user experience.

What we did

First off, we made a thorough analysis to identify the key usability gaps, so as to prioritise tasks efficiently. At this point, our UX Review was key to laying the foundations for a clear and solid approach.


How we dealt with the UI Redesign

Based on the results of the UX Review, we pinpointed three weak areas:

  1. The Dashboard, which must display a perfect organization of information.
  2. The Task Orientation area, which is super important because it assesses how easily users can complete actions;
  3. The Page Layout area, which shows how consistent information is conveyed across different page layouts.

Hence, our efforts focused on these areas to create a much more effective platform.

A more user-friendly Dashboard

Since the dashboard lacked a key action, the functional and visual elements needed to be reorganized. Consequently, we put a new focus on relevant actions, especially on a blank dashboard (zero-data state) with no appointments. Then, we rearranged the hierarchy of actions based on their importance. As a result, ‘Start’ was identified as the primary action; whereas planning and scheduling a new conference call were secondary actions.



A brand new Design System

We built a Design System with the aim of creating a scalable set of all the main graphic elements, from input fields to buttons, calendars and multi-selection items. In this sense, the product will be able to evolve into new versions in an efficient and agile way. As a matter of fact, a good Design System helps to streamline the design collaboration processes, and protect the usability and quality of end users’ interaction with the product.


An excellent User Experience

Analyzing the paths users take to complete the main actions (aka the core tasks), making sure they are clear and distraction-free, is generally paramount and this case is no exception. So, the key question here was: What is the most common action our users have to carry out? We ended up identifying the most important Calls to Action bringing the greatest value to users.

Add guests
Schedule the meeting
Join the meeting


A high-quality Brand Identity

Designing all the page layouts, specifically those relating to the main screens dedicated to video conferencing, was a very fulfilling task. The design team reorganized the graphic elements with two goals in mind: avoid redundancy and visually differentiate the main actions, for a great user experience.

Accurate and unique UI redesign

A good UI redesign necessarily involves creating high quality original icons, specifically designed to enhance the new brand identity. Every progress has been discussed with our client, thus getting extremely useful feedback to point our redesign work in the right direction.