Get to know our client

Vodafone is a leading telecommunications company in Europe and the world’s largest IoT connectivity provider. They operate mobile and fixed networks in 22 countries and partner with mobile networks in 48 more.


What they needed

👉 UI design of a web app for internal business processes
👉 A dashboard for data visualization and analysis
👉 React JS web app development

After an in-depth analysis of the UX flows, we produced a number of basic sketches of the layout, then we designed all the wireframes, defining the features and the specific interactions in each section.


A system of components

We designed all the graphic components, strictly following the official Vodafone’s branding guidelines. Our work achieved two goals:

🎯Creating a fully compliant system, meeting the needs of our client’s desires and requirements.
🎯Conveying a contemporary and technological feel, in line with the highest market standards.


Attention to detail

During the whole redesign process, we constantly shared our progress with the other teams, leveraging an Invision prototype. In doing so, we were able to perfect every detail of flows and user interactions. Eventually, we managed to improve both usability and ease of use, delivering a high-impact result.