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Lara Dotta is a passionate cyclist, entrepreneur, and designer. She’s the brains behind LaClassica, the brand offering handmade Italian cycle wear that combines the latest technology, fashion trends, and a spirit of adventure. Thanks to the perseverance in pursuing her dream, the cycleways have become new catwalks while the sport itself just got prettier and better.

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How would you describe LaClassica lifestyle?

Minimal, Fashionable and Comfortable.

What do you focus on while coming up with new design ideas?

First of all, I spend a lot of time on social networks, especially on Instagram. I’m constantly looking for inspiration, something that can give me new ideas. Then, with my team, I focus on choosing the right fabrics, modeling, and colors.

You started cycling at the age of four. How does your approach toward cycling has changed throughout the years?

Many things have changed, I have changed. Until a few years ago, cycling was just pure competition for me. I trained almost every day. I remember that every time I went home from work, I would go straight to my bicycle to ride on the roads or to the gym. Now instead, I practice my beloved sport out of pure passion in serenity and tranquility. I like to be in good shape with my body and at the same time, stay in the middle of nature to appreciate the beauty of the surrounding me landscapes.

You have redefined the cycling wear and combined sport with fashion. In what way inspirations from high fashion catwalks enhance your products?

I wanted to combine two great passions of mine, fashion, and cycling, through simplicity, colors, and most of all, the ”Made in Italy” label which in my opinion represents maximum attention to the quality of the raw material as well as an eye for detail. Such approach has an enduring value over time.

The technology allows us to constantly monitor our performances

In what way can sports fashion influence the overall experience of doing sports?

Through the creation of one’s own style. Personally, I want to wear a garment that I like, that represents me and stands out while being comfortable, practical and technical at the same time.

What is the most important cycling accessory you can’t live without?

My helmet, safety first.

What arguments would you choose to encourage more people to cycle?

Biking is good for your body, it allows you to relax, to free your mind and to stay in the open air. Simply speaking, it makes you happy!

In what ways digital products can improve the cyclist’s life?

If we think about it, we’ll admit that athletic training follows strict rules. This is why, the technology allows us to constantly monitor our performances, collect useful data on our health, and improve our results.

What kind of advice would you give to a 20-year-old self?

I’d suggest her to always believe in herself and her passions and to be extremely curious.



Lara Dotta interviewLara Dotta fell in love with cycling and the Northern Classics races thanks to her father, who is a passionate amateur cyclist. She spent her childhood between Veneto and Brianza, racing with a local cycling team until the junior category.  After this cycling experience, she started to compete Granfondos and she opened a fashion clothing store, where she was able to express her creativity and style.

LaClassica was born from a dream to join together fashion and cycling. She created a brand totally handmade in Italy with solid values, maintaining her childhood vocation with attention to details and quality. These elements, combined with a constant technical research in order to choose only the best materials, defined the iconic LaClassica’s soul.



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