Get to know our client

A food-franchising start-up, aimed at a fast-growing market: healthy food and veganism, interpreted in the “gourmet sandwich” version. From a careful market analysis to the business plan, the brand went viral on social media and in the real world. The mood? Fun, tasty and colorful.


What we did

As partners, we’ve handled a range of strategic activities since the very beginning. After creating an effective branding strategy and a strong corporate identity in Flower Burger’s physical store a few years ago, we moved to the second phase of the project.



Food branding at its finest

We supported the design interior team in order to create a very special mood. When entering a Flower Burger shop, you only get positive vibes and a sense of happiness and joy.

Starting with the logo, we took care of every detail so that we could get to a distinctive and attractive branding, instantly recognizable in the real world: from the illustrations inspired by the 70’s style to the menu design and the branded graphics on the walls.


Digital Marketing for the Food industry

For starters, we handled the design and development of Flower Burger’s website. We especially focused on developing a management tool that would allow to manage more and more shops. The website included also some eCommerce features: managers could promote new burgers, side dishes and desserts, while users could purchase their favorite products.

In addition to the website, we also dealt with email marketing. We designed a series of transactional communications and a quarterly DEM. Finally, key SEO and SEM activities have completed a strategic plan that is going to support the company’s international growth in the coming years.


How good branding can help grow businesses

Branding can definitely contribute to a successful business, especially in the food landscape. As a matter of fact, branding can help businesses reach some essential goals faster: reassuring users, leading them to purchase, building customer loyalty.

As for Flower Burger, we emphasized the quality of products through a visual storytelling. Hundreds of photos of ingredients set the path to the discovery of the colouful world of Flower Burger.

The user response was extremely positive: after a few months, page views increased by 200%.


Food innovation for a more sustainable future

Much to our pride, Flower Burger has been growing and expanding worldwide since 2015. We had an amazing time working on this project and we’re grateful for this chance to play such a role in the future of nutrition. Most recently, Flower Burger made its way to Europe and the US.

The whole glueglue team is happy to have contributed to the project. And as partners, we’re also hugely  proud to support the trend of the future: healthy and sustainable food.